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Events in Pirate Bay Phuket

Community events in Pirate Bay are mostly free to visit, there are also paid educational event. Check the info down bellow

Are you an event organizer?

Pirate Bay always provide place for events organized by members. However we're open for outside organizer if the events fits community values.

Each new type of event should start with a free one and prove the value for people, at least 80% of reviews should be positive. Events with bad ratings will be banned. The goal is to bring a high quality audience and provide top events experience.

General rules:

  • No direct advertising (you can write your website but not advertise your products)

  • No direct sales (you can’t sell your products during events directly, but you can still write the web address of your online shop)

  • Can’t sell affiliate marketing products to visitors and members, can’t hunt people from event to sell them anything, otherwise you’ll be banned (but you can teach people how to use affiliate marketing)

Allowed topics

  • Agriculture technology

  • Science

  • Blockchain

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Development

  • Gaming

  • Educational events

  • Digital art

  • Board games

  • Electronic music

Restricted topics

  • Religious

  • Political extremism

  • Related to Monarchy

  • Multi Level marketing

  • Astrology

  • Pseudo science

  • Hard drugs

  • Magicians

  • Gambling

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